I had no idea how influential movie fans’ views might be when I first began writing for the media four years ago. When I learned that studios fly reporters out for free to interview celebs on set visits, I was shocked. The 123-movies.bz ‘Open Bar’ film industry events astounded me even more, but what most shocked me was the existence of fans for online geeks. I knew that posting my work online would be exciting, demanding, and a terrific way to improve my résumé when I read my first fan letter four years ago. Additionally, I wanted to be excellent at it. After a few years of writing, I quickly learned the insider tips. Popular media channels allow their readers to realise the advantages of becoming a writer. We meet new people, we get to travel, and we enjoy entertaining you as much as we can. We are all human, however, and nobody is flawless, not even movie web nerds. Most of us have peculiar tendencies and weaknesses that we don’t want to accept, and if someone calls them out on them, we tend to find justification for them. Here are some facts about us that you may find interesting and that we would all want to carry with us into the hereafter.

1-First, we get started.

When interviewing someone well-known in the entertainment sector, many people appear to believe that online film journalists are very professional and never lose their composure, but most of the time we put on our game faces. Many of us who write are simply unassuming movie lovers who have been given the opportunity to contribute to a movie website. During an interview, online geeks’ primary concerns are probably if and how they may casually request a photo with the actor or actress afterward. Actually, based on my own observations, I’ve found that online writers don’t typically worry about a-list actors. The performances from the B-list and cult are what truly touch us. To be honest, I have met a few famous performers, but when I met Greg Nicotero at a convention, I was so overwhelmed that I became scarlet in the face.

2-We are press trolls.

We certainly like seeing our names on well-known search engines, yes. But there are three items on which we all want to see our names: DVD covers, TV ads, and movie posters. We will try everything to get a blurb that will finally persuade viewers to see the film. In an effort to have evaluations read, we could exaggerate them. (We are all aware that some writers will outright lie about bad movies in order to earn a positive blurb.) Additionally, we are aware of the appropriate words to use in blurbs. We are aware that films are being compared to other successful films. (For instance, a pre-planned tagline might read, “It’s (FILL IN THE BLANK movie) meets (FILL IN THE BLANK movie!)!” Yes, despite what we may say, we have all done this at some point.


Many of us sometimes lose sight of the fact that we are commonplace in this industry, as seen by how possessive some of us can be. We like to think of ourselves as “film elitists,” but the majority of us are just die-hard movie fans with a seemingly limitless ability to memorise irrelevant movie information.When authors from various sites get together for occasions or festivals, this often comes out. Of course, most of the time is generally spent discussing our opinions of the most recent movie news. But if you gather enough movie online geeks for a long time, the discussion will inevitably devolve into a contest of wits. (Or, as I like to say, “Who’s the biggest virgin?”) Once-friendly conversation quickly devolves into a scathing argument over obscure films, and someone inevitably ends up making fun of a fellow writer for not idolising a little-known cult actor who is actually just a glamorised extra in horror movies. Every screening or event I attend, I am often tested on my knowledge of movies since I am a woman.

4. We adore the comments part.

Some of you are addicted to leaving comments, but we are addicted to reading them even more. We utilise RSS feeds and often reload the website after certain articles or editorials to check for updates. Sincerely, I’ve gone on dates or had makeout sessions while thinking about what other people are posting on the website. Whether the comments are positive or negative, we just care that they increase in quantity! The majority of us have an obsessive-compulsive tendency like this.

5. We are insanely competitive!

When you cover the same events, festivals, and set visits for well-known media publications, you become acquainted with writers from other websites. It’s a great joy to run into these folks because you often only get to see them at work. Nobody wants to acknowledge it, but we are fiercely competitive with one another when we are covering the same events. It truly turns into more of a race than a job. Whoever can get more picture opportunities, interviews, exclusives, and superior coverage, the better! Although we may enjoy ourselves at the after-parties and enjoy catching up with one another, we will rush back to our hotels as soon as we are alone to upload videos and photos and write our articles in the hopes that they will be the first results that appear when someone searches for the event we are covering on Google (also known as all websites’ best friend).

6. We are interested in what you think of us.

Whether you want to believe it or not, we sincerely value your views. Yes, we are all just like Mark Wahlberg in “The Big Hit.” Your letters and remarks may make or break our day. Yes, some of us stir up controversy with our writing, but we also strive to win people over. (Even if we take additional precautions to make that nearly impossible.)We are aware that for every ten readers of our articles, there will always be at least one who disagrees with or outright HATES what we have to say. It might be difficult to take offence when the critical emails or remarks are so entirely illogical and exaggerated. (Actually, we print out those for our pals to find amusing.)

Even when we have developed a thick skin, certain unfavourable comments nevertheless manage to penetrate it. They sometimes make us miserable all day. Nobody wants to be labelled a douche for loving a specific movie, after all! But it’s the encouraging responses that keep us writing. Knowing that we made you happy brings a grin to our faces. However cheesy that may seem,