There is more to network marketing online success, than pay plans and products. Here are a few tips if you are thinking of getting into MLM or network marketing online, or if you are currently involved already.

Many network marketing companies have great products and compensation plans. However, there are several questions you should ask yourself, and your potential sponsor, when you are thinking of joining a network marketing, or MLM company. This is because network marketing is an industry full of people who know nothing about marketing… seems ironic huh?

Ask what marketing methods or techniques of getting customers does the company have in place? Also ask if they allow internet advertising, or what the guidelines are for internet marketing. Many companies will let you have websites, but some of them sell their web site, which often gives you no way of branding yourself, or standing out from everyone else in the company. Make sure you check with the company guidelines for internet advertising, because most companies want to protect their interest, as well as yours. You should always follow the guidelines of the company so you don’t get yourself into trouble. The simplest way to keep your nose clean in this respect is to have a web site that is generic, and relates to the network marketing or MLM industry in general, and showcases your particular skills as a marketer. This is because people can join anyone in the company, but you want them to join you. Give people a good reason to get into your business and experience your leadership.

If you intend to build a business, you should definitely try the products before you start marketing yourself. Ask if there is a trial period, or money back guarantee, most companies have that, but it’s a good idea to make sure. I should be at least 30 days, but I have seen quite a few companies with 90 day guarantees.

Also ask yourself, is this a product or products that solve problems that I currently have, or someone I know has? It is important to know what problems the products solve, so you know who to market them to. This is because your prospects are far more receptive to problem solving information, then they are to sales pitches. No one wants your super duper healing juices, if they don’t solve some key, identifiable problems your prospects are having.

The product cannot be marketed with the soul purpose of making money either. It must be just as useful for the consumer as the business builder, especially since statistics prove that 90 to 98% of people sponsored, will never build a business. Your business should include both customers and business builders.

Is the company encouraging you to market to your friends and family, or do they have a proven marketing system that allows you to deliver your marketing message to those who most want to hear it? Let’s face it, if you have been in MLM before, you may have exhausted your warm market, and become part of the NFL (no friends left) club.

Because of the internet, it’s no longer necessary to market to your friends and family, if you don’t want to. The secret of selling, is to tell your message to people who are looking for you, not trying to sell to everyone, or to the wrong people. This is one of the most common mistakes network marketers make, especially when they are new. So before you go and tell all your friends about your new business, just be prepared for the rejection that all too often follows.

Is the product something you will enjoy using? It stands to reason if you don’t enjoy using the products, it will be hard for you to share your product stories with your prospects. Good product stories sell perhaps better than anything else, especially when it’s a story about more than just a way to make money. Examine closely your “why”, is it to quit a job you don’t like, is it because the products make you feel good? People will spend their last dime if it makes them feel good, always remember this.

Is the marketing system centered around everyone using the same website, like a self replicating website? Self replicating websites can be useful, but only when used properly. The automated downline builders, and flash movies are not necessary. They just clutter up the site, and distract the viewer from the message more than anything else.

What you need is a marketing system that is simple and gives your permission to market to your prospects, such as a lead capture page, and email followup system. If you are just sending traffic to a self replicating website, with no way of the prospect leaving their contact information in exchange for problem solving information, then they will most likely leave the site, never to return again.

It is possible however, to develop your own internet marketing campaigns using blogs, articles like this one, and email follow up methods, that keep prospects coming back to your site, or blog for useful information. As I mentioned before, problem solving information is always better than a sales pitch.

The beauty of email marketing is that you can also set up a follow up system for before and after the prospect joins. This way you can continue to communicate with thousands of people at one time, without getting shut down by your isp. Try checking into an email marketing site like Aweber or GetRespose for your email marketing and followup. This is a requirement if you want to be successful in marketing anything online.

Cold calling leads is drudgery, even if you are good at it. Dialing for dollars is just not effective, it’s not an efficient use of your time, nor is it very doable for most people. This is because a lead on the phone does not know you, or have a reason to trust you. I would not suggest cold calling leads as a profitable, effective marketing method, unless you are one of those people that lives for the “thrill of the close”.

This is why creating a personal website, or even a blog that separates you from the rest, and brands you as an expert in your field, is the most effective way to build a network marketing business online. If the company does not allow personal websites, then that’s easy, just fire that stupid company and find another one, or simply market yourself as a problem solver offering information that encourages the prospect to contact you. This way you can put them on a conference call or 3 way call with your upline.

These tips should get you on your way to success in network marketing online. It is however hard work that you must dedicate yourself to very seriously if you want to be successful. Get rich quick schemes are for everyone else, and they can have them, because no one will make you wealthy but you. All you need is the right vehicle and you must believe in it, and yourself 100%.