All successful online marketers know that lead generation is crucial to business success. Competition is high, yet, attracting leads is only the first part of the equation. Turning leads into customers is the ultimate end-goal. The secret of top producers is that what you do BEFORE ‘the pitch’ is even more important than the pitch itself. This is where video marketing comes in…

When applied properly video is the most effective, low cost, high impact marketing medium available to internet marketers and brick and mortar business alike.

Video Grabs Your Viewer

Whether you have 2 leads per day or 2000, it’s never enough, and you can never sit on your haunches. Campaigns age, grow stale and fizzle. You must keep your message fresh, move with the market, and connect with your target audience….Enter video marketing.

Even if you are a copywriting genius, with landing page content that converts like crazy, the page is successful only when you drive traffic to it. Yep, video marketing comes in here, too.

Want to dominate organic search engine results for your niche?

Just in case you need another reason to get in front of the camera…Google now indexes the words you speak in YouTube videos (not just the Title, Description, and Tags). As a result, even a newbie can beat out seasoned marketers with good, relevant video content…and it doesn’t hurt your rankings that Google owns YouTube, either.

It’s time to get you in front of a camera

You don’t have to break the bank when beginning a video marketing campaign. Good video results are now possible with very inexpensive equipment. It’s even possible to create simple videos using an inexpensive webcam, as long as the sound is clean. Excellent ‘web-quality’ video is easy to achieve with any number of palm-sized, HD cameras for under $200. For the more experienced marketer or for interview formats, you may wish to explore a three camera setup, but that’s info for a follow-up article.

5 Key Factors of Effective Video Content and Persona

Be Yourself – Video is a very personal experience, both for the viewer and the provider. When recording the video, think of it as having a conversation with your viewer. Your goal is to connect with the viewer as you would with an acquaintance at a social gathering. If you’re putting on an act, you may fleece first time buyers, but you’ll fail to develop repeat customers, loyal followers, and raving fans.

Love and Hate – People love to buy, but they hate to be sold. Basic psychology drives people to follow those whom they know, like and trust. Therefore, even when providing instructional content or making a sales pitch, deliver it as if speaking with a friend. Without first fostering that all important connection, you become just another talking head with something to sell.

Facts tell, stories sell – Deliver your message in the form of a story. Telling a story allows the viewer to relate the info to aspects of their own life, and increases their perception that you possess insight into what they need. Verbal illustration works equally well with prospecting and mentoring.

Lead with YOUR story – When marketing a business opportunity lead with YOU, not your opportunity. Yeah, that sounds counter intuitive, but remember, you’re looking to build an organization of leaders. True leaders will be successful in whichever opportunity they select. So, what sets your message apart from the masses is YOU! Leaders gravitate to other leaders. Those who desire to become a leader are looking for someone to show them the way. Do you see that it’s NOT about your opportunity, it’s about YOU.