Virtual Assistants, or VAs as they are sometimes known, provide administrative, secretarial and creative support and lifestyle management for businesses and individuals. VAs normally work remotely from home and are self-employed professionals, not employees. If you’re a VA, you may have started out providing the sort of standard business support that a small business might need: typing, transcription, diary management, appointment bookings and travel arrangements. But the business world is changing fast, both online and offline. Have you considered expanding your skillset and offering some of the following services?

Website Design

All small (and indeed large) businesses need an online presence. If you can learn HTML and webpage coding, this might be a very lucrative service to offer. Even if you’re not technically minded, the growth in content management systems such as WordPress means that, with a little training and knowledge, anyone can create an attractive, functional and fully search engine optimised website.

Social Media Updates

As a virtual assistant, you are probably adept at using social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook but you can appreciate just what a ‘time-suck’ they can be. Could you assist your clients by posting Facebook and LinkedIn updates, and scheduling Tweets in advance?

Blog Post Writing

This is another necessary but time consuming marketing task. Obviously if your client has a very distinctive writing ‘voice’ it might be hard to replicate that in your own writing, but as you become more immersed in your client’s business, you’ll find it easier to emulate their blogging style. As most blogging software allows you to preschedule posts, you could write a month’s worth of blog posts for your client in a fairly short space of time.

Affiliate Schemes

If your client has products to sell, you could set up an affiliate scheme for them to enable them to maximise the use of their time and start building some passive income revenue streams. Creating sales page and landing page text, advertising banners and dealing with the administration could be a very useful service to offer and if it allows your client to make more money, then that’s bound to be good for your business too.

Information Products

Information products such as eBooks, eCourses, video tutorials and podcasts can all be very good ways to earn extra money, or to use as a selling point (many businesses give away free eBooks as an incentive to capture email addresses, for example). However, they are very time consuming to create and distribute. This might be another great service for your virtual assistant business to offer as it could be a very good return on investment for your client.

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