Internet Marketing in principal is a very simple thing however it is often over-complicated. In essence, Internet Marketing is very much like fishing, if you follow the basic principals you will generally achieve some level of success.

So, what the heck do they have in common?

When you go fishing, you generally do one of these 2 things:

1 – You put bait on a hook and cast it out into the water waiting for a fish to take the bait.

2 – You throw out a net and draw it through the water, essentially catching everything in its path.

The first option allows you to target you specific type of fish that you are after by selecting the right hook, line, bait and fishing in the right spot at the right time of day or night.

The second option is much less targeted as you will generally catch a lot of fish, sea life and junk that is worthless to you and it is time consuming sorting through to find the ones you want. In fact, the specific type of fish you are after may even have certain areas that it sticks to and so you will actually have to learn about the fish and what you need to to do catch them.

With internet marketing, you want to follow fishing example number 1:

1 – You target specific types of people by placing links and/or content (your bait) on the internet (the water). You target the information to the types of people that you wish to attract, by careful editing of the content, making it relevant and useful, posting it where your targets are actively looking online and advertising at the times of day when these prospects are most active. This is extremely important. You need to research your target market so you know exactly how, when and where to go fishing for them!

There is no point posting un-useful and irrelevant content on the internet in no specific order as you will end up attracting ‘tyre kickers’ and people who have stumble across your information, not those actively seeking it. All these will do it waste your time and deflate your confidence.

So, the moral of the story is this.

1 – Know and research your target market

2 – Select the right bait for your target (Relevant and useful content)

3 – Go Fishing (Marketing) – Where you target market spends their time and/or shops online.

Follow these basic principals to ensure you are not wasting your time with non serious tyre kickers and to increase the number of targeted, interested people you have on you marketing list.

Happy fishing!

Luke Riley is an Internet Marketing Coach, Mentor and Entrepreneur who thrives on helping others achieve financial freedom by leveraging the internet.

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