Think about how you would like to see yourself and keep that image in your mind. While you’re at it, imagine what you would be doing if this was the new “You”. How differently would you feel and relate to your colleagues, friends and family? Would you embrace life’s challenges with a different attitude? Would you be able to savour life’s different flavours and live every day to the max, instead of just going through the motions of life in a survival mode?

When was the last time you thought about the destination of your health and fitness? People express their desire to have a different body and their need to improve their health. They say they have tried a variety of different approaches, from painful diets promising express results, to intensive training routines claiming exceptional results, only to end up in frustration and with their energy levels completely drained.


Start by creating a clear Vision of what you want to achieve, and consequently see with your own eyes the different possible ways you can get there. When you are contemplating this new Vision; put in sounds, flavours, odours, colours, emotions and feelings, so that you are fully sold on the idea of achieving that vision, regardless of the obstacles or difficulties you may find.

The Human Mind is like a child, whatever you give it to play with, it will take it blindly. Each thought you entertain creates an imprint in your memory bank. This imprint will have an emotional charge, consisting of colours, smells, sounds and feelings that you have associated to it. The more you entertain any thought, the bigger the imprint in your memory bank and the greater the impact it will have in your life. The thoughts you give to your mind to entertain will contribute to your reality… these thoughts will also become the actual projections of what you call reality.


Allocate a couple of minutes to yourself this week to construct your ultimate vision of health and fitness – one that fits your dreams, one that reaches higher and deeper than before; one that makes your heart beat faster and your skin shiver with anticipation.

Add plenty of colour, turn up the volume, take the emotions you experience to the limit and picture the impact this new “You” will have in your personal life and on the lives of the people that surround you.

Once you have this mental image, freeze frame it and immediately commit to entertain this thought every day in your mind – wake up with it, go to work with it, sleep with it, breathe it…