For any business to run, it needs to have products to sell, a management system, and lastly, a marketing operation. The same goes for an online business. It needs to sell something, and a marketing system for attracting people to your webpage in order for you to show them you offer.

So what is article marketing?

You see, many people these days use the internet to search for information and to enrich themselves with knowledge that they seek, besides looking for entertainment and to connect with their friends and family. To add to that, information often comes in the form of articles of tips, tricks, techniques, secrets and others.

So, when someone searches for information, he/she will be often led to an article… and this is where article marketing comes in. Often, you would be able to find a link or two at the end of the article, inviting you to go to a website for more information, or to redeem a free gift. In this way, if you were to click on that link, you would be brought to the author’s website… and article marketing would have filled its purpose.

Another reason why article marketing is loved by many internet marketers alike is because by writing an article on a certain topic, you would get an expert status in that topic.

For example, if I were to write an article on the 5 Common Mistakes That Dog Trainers Do, anyone who reads my article would deem me as an expert in dog training, even if I don’t have a degree in it. This would quickly build my credibility (and get recognized!) in a field if I am a newbie in that field.

Also, articles with a keyword (a phrase used to search for information) rich density would be ranked well on the search engines, making the article search engine optimized. This is another way that boosts the article’s traffic as it is no longer just getting traffic from the article directories, but also from the search engines.

Not to mention, some internet marketers have also taught that you can “push” your website to the top of the search engine’s result page by building backlinks (which are links to your website posted on many other different websites).

Article marketing also allows you to do that as long as you put your website link at the end of the article and submit it to many other different websites. In other words, you would have killed two birds with one stone just by doing article marketing as a method of traffic generation for your website.

Article marketing sounds terrific, doesn’t it? And while I hope you have put your “what is article marketing” question to rest, I also hope that you seize this opportunity to exploit this method as the main means of driving traffic to your website.