Today’s marketing has become quite the challenge for the business that is not using Search Engine Marketing or Social Media Marketing. Integrated marketing has become so fundamental to an attention marketing society. According to Wikipedia ( attention marketing is an approach to the management of information that treats human attention as a scarce commodity and applies economic theory to solve various information management problems. Successful businesses know how to walk the fine line between a powerful marketing message that attracts a customer and a ridiculous exaggeration that turns the customer off. You see it every day when businesses use cliché words to attract their customers and exaggerate what they can provide. Today’s consumer is smart and savvy and can see through the marketing hype.

While there are pros and cons to using marketing hype messages, it has been stated that only a small percentage of consumers will be Turned Off by this type of hyped up marketing approach. Tests from several veterans of marketing have conclusively proven that a company’s orders substantially grow when using glamorous and exciting words that may be perceived as being hyped up a bit. After using words and phrases like “All New”, “Don’t Wait”, “Act Now”, “Free Bonus”, “Proven”, “The Truth”, “Enormous”, “Astounding”, along with many strong call to action words on a web site, increased sales occur. So hype is definitely not dead! Such words trigger a part of our mind that says “Yes, I need that” or “Yes I want that now.” Be careful and make sure that what you say – you can truly back up and provide as promised.

How vital is Internet marketing to your business strategy? How will Internet marketing affect your online business career? Will Internet marketing increase or decrease the amount of your web site’s sales? These are some great questions where one would want a convincing answer. Internet marketing is a huge marketplace and every aspect should be considered by every aspiring online marketer who wants to try their luck in investing their time and dollars.

Internet marketing is not a “pure luck” investment. The companies that are successful have a strategy in place that eliminates the “luck factor” as the main driver. Internet marketing strategy is a well thought out and logical plan of action made by a business to attain success in its online business career. One of the advantages to having a well thought out Internet marketing strategy is that it can enhance the company’s performance and help establish a good business environment in the future.

It is important to treat your Internet marketing strategy as the final process of the automated business plan. This strategy must incorporate both short-term and long-term marketing strategies to be successful.

o Short-term Internet marketing strategies include things that will temporarily assist a company’s online business to obtain a sudden increase of traffic. Though these strategies are critical to the overall marketing plan, they are temporary traffic source and must not be seriously depended on. This may incorporate short-term advertising goals, bulletin boards, articles to download, etc.

o Long-term strategies will supply a consistent stream of targeted traffic over time. Such strategies are likely to produce results through the coming years. This may incorporate content management, opt-in lists, and freebies.

Boosting awareness and sales through strategic Internet marketing has become a fundamental medium for companies that sell products and service. Almost every company that has experienced the traditional means of marketing through radio, print and TV advertisements has similarly ventured into placing ads on the Internet. However, with millions of websites out there being visited by millions of computer users, how do companies make certain t hat their ad ay be seen by their target customer and that the leads from the ads will be followed by the users?

As the Internet continues to grow for being the most important communication channel for a business to market, it is important to understand how to move away from diminishing returns that radio, print and TV may be delivering. With the economic pressures making changes in the marketing word, it is even more urgent than before to take advantage of the new and rapid changes in the way media is being consumed. Automating your Internet marketing will mean to include integration of the way marketing has always been done, but now on the Internet. Examples would be – email marketing, content creation, web analytics, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing.