Whether you are reaching Melbourne or leaving the metro by flight, attending the airport at the right time is a major concern. Availing public transport system when you are in a hurry is not a practical decision. Under such circumstances, hiring a maxi cab in Melbourne makes sense to reach the airport or your destination quickly and timely. However, if you are a newcomer to the city, then before booking a taxi, you need to know certain things to ensure that you select a taxi that is reliable. Let’s look at those factors as stated below:

License and Insurance

Before choosing a maxi taxi, it’s vital for you to verify if the company is having license and insurance. Don’t feel hesitant to ask for the evidential copies that they have to check their license status on the corporate website of the provider. Avoid the providers that overlook to show you the documents which means they don’t have licenses. The professional service provider will not only have the necessary certification but also encourage you to go through the customer reviews. Going through customer reviews is a good choice to make sure that you are booking a taxi from a reliable company. Having insurance is also important to get covered losses in case any disaster occurs.


When you hire a taxi and avoid public transport – it indicates that you want the convenience of traveling. As long as you hire a maxi cab from a distinguished taxi company – convenience should be most expected. In fact, convenience means many factors. Ranging from available space for seating to seating arrangements, storage space to amenities. Notably, the Melbourne airport maxi taxi is known for its enough space which suits 11 adults to sit in a relaxing way. There should be enough legroom for comfortable seating, luggage space, music system, USB ports for mobile charging, a climate control mechanism, and more. The provider should also assure fast and timely pick up, and drop off as per your need.


Fare is obviously a major factor for everyone. Make sure to verify the rate or fare that the taxi service provider charges you for extending their services. Especially, you this is a pleasure trip, you should be cautious to stay within the budget. Your aim should be getting good services at a reasonable cost. In fact, reputable service maxi taxi service providers in Melbourne aim to support you in saving money while enjoying the maximum of what you pay. Check the price rates before booking matching your budget.

Go through the reviews

Hiring a taxi from a reliable provider should be your aim. And to ensure its reliability, a sensible way is to verify its standard of services. By having a look at the testimonial page or reviews, you can get an overall idea about the experiences of other customers who have opted for its services. Go through the feedback and if found convincing, you can go ahead. Make sure to check the rating of the service provider too.