Preview: Boost Your Business Marketing! Speak Professionally. Inexpensively Attract New Clients/Customers. Tested And Proven System. Get repeatedly invited, acknowledged – and even paid – as an “expert-who-speaks”. Market your products, services or yourself to numerous potential individual or group clients at once. Step up to Smarter Business Marketing(TM). This article tells you how.


The ideas I share in this article are based on personal experiences I have had as an entrepreneur, and strategies/techniques I have developed as a result, to help me achieve my goals. Basically, I use them every now and then depending on whether I assess a particular situation or opportunity to have “good business selling potential”. They are not designed to be immediately applicable to every situation, which is why I suggest you think of ways you can adapt them to suit your unique circumstances and/or needs.

How Effective Are You At Speaking Before Important Persons Or Large Audiences About Your Business?

Do you worry or become anxious when you have to speak one-on-one with an important person or before large audiences? Do you have to market products or services to NEW people daily? Do you dread having to make those cold calls to their phones, offices or homes to try making the sale? Are you looking for a proven technique to help you increase your success rate in speaking convincingly to people AT FIRST CONTACT/MEETING?

As a serious minded business owner, you will know that successfully creating (adequate and continuous) awareness about your products/services can be quite a challenging task. I have certainly found it to be so, on a number of occasions! But, I have also always been a person with a passion for problem-solving and process simplification.

To put it another way, I am perpetually on the lookout for cheaper yet more effective way(s) of doing anything I do. My “search” eventually led me to develop for myself – about 4 years ago – what I have called the “Public Speaking for Business Marketing system(PSBM)(TM)” which is designed to enable me cost-effectively boost my marketing efforts when speaking to potential (individual or group) client audiences.

This article offers street-smart, tested and proven strategies you can use to equip yourself to succeed more often in making good and lasting impressions through WHAT YOU SAY and HOW YOU SAY IT(i.e. your communication skills) – especially at formal events like interviews, presentations, business meetings etc.

Speaking Effectively Is Important For Your Business Marketing Success

In doing your business marketing, you will find that sometimes you are required at some stage to have a one-on-one meeting with a prospect, who will want to hear from you exactly how you think your product or service will benefit him/her. In some cases the individual you have to speak with could even be representing a larger group of people, and your ability to CONVINCE him/her that you have something the group or organisation needs could win you an invitation to do a presentation to the larger group of decision makers – taking you closer to making the sale you want.

In essence, when I speak here about speaking effectively in public, I refer to both situations i.e. one in which you have to speak with an individual and that in which you have to speak to a group of people, or indeed a large audience.

Without taking the pains to think carefully through and articulate the key benefits of what you have to offer, in a way that you can SAY it to those who need to hear it, you are likely to STRUGGLE to convince your individual or group audiences that they need your service or product. Potential buyers tend to develop cold feet when the seller they are considering is unable to give them CONVINCING arguments/reasons to go ahead and buy, or make enquiries about buying from him/her.

What Is The Public Speaking for Business Marketing System(PSBM)(TM) About?

What I have called the PSBM(TM) is a “customisable” combination of innovative techniques designed to enable business owners/entrepreneurs/self-employed professionals cost-effectively boost their marketing efforts by speaking professionally to potential client audiences.

There is one key objective of developing/using a PSBM(TM) system: to promote a significant increase in the level of awareness about the speaker/marketer’s products and/or services. Another is the generation of continuous streams of patronage from existing – and new clients. These and more can be achieved, using this system, typically at a fraction of conventional marketing/ advertising costs.

The system will typically have two aspects:

a. the Public Speaking aspect

b. the Street-Smart/Electronic Marketing Strategies & Techniques aspect.

Used together, practically anyone can successfully boost his/her business marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

Who Needs To Use Public Speaking For Business Marketing(PSBM)(TM)?

Virtually every business owner is likely to have need for a cost-effective, long-term and comprehensive system like this. One that enables you to keep prospects and clients “thinking” about what you can do for them for “longer” periods – thereby increasing your chances of getting contacted by them, so you can “close” the sale.

As the preview to this article proclaims, if you can find a way to repeatedly speak professionally – in your areas of PROVEN expertise – to potential client audiences, you stand a good chance of continuously generating new business for yourself. This will happen as a result of increased awareness about, and interest (in you and/or) your services/products – which would have been triggered by your speaking activities.

How Using Public Speaking For Business Marketing(PSBM)(TM) Can Help You

“Whether you’re selling (products), services or yourself, Public Speaking is a great way to market yourself to a lot of potential clients at once ..(and) drum up new business” – Robert Dickman (Highly sought after Hollywood performance consultant, who was once asked – in year 2000 – by Time Magazine to rate the public speaking abilities of America’s Presidential candidates at the time.)


Going by what I have said so far, it becomes obvious that your ability to speak effectively can yield at least two benefits:

(1) Stimulate prospects’ interest and consequently generate sales leads.

(2) Help you win MORE (sometimes even paid) speaking opportunities & new clients.

Since the ability to speaking convincingly to your prospective buyer about what you have to offer is so important to generating sales leads or closing sales, I believe it only makes sense to LEARN how to speak MORE effectively in a way that makes the above – and more – happen on a regular basis.

How/Where Can You Find Business Marketing Speaking Opportunities?

1. During your routine business marketing visits – or meetings/appointments – with individual/groups decision makers, This would be a typical one-on-one or small group situation.

2. By writing and sending out letters(or even e-mails) to decision makers introducing yourself and stating that you offer such and such talks, keynote speeches. You would make it known that you are available to speak at conferences/events/meetings/retreats etc organised by individuals or groups fitting our target audience profile.

The second opportunity offers potentially greater rewards because YOU would have been invited by them, meaning(unlike the first opportunity which is a “cold call” situation), the audience is MORE likely to be interested in what you have to say – and sell. In addition, many individuals and groups fitting your target audience profile are likely to be LOOKING for “experts” or “specialists” to deliver “talks” or “keynote speeches” at their special outings or corporate events. Your chances of making even greater marketing impact would therefore be boosted since you get to speak to a large number of potential “buyers” all at once.