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June 17, 2024

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The recession has been a bleak time for many industries and after doing a survey of the used cars for sale in the UK we have discovered that the second hand car market did not suffer to badly. There seems to have been a decrease in the volume of cars sold each year however not a large enough decrease that traders large or small have gone out of business, the same cannot be said for car manufacturers. The governments car scrap-age scheme Salg af biler did try to keep car manufacturers head above water but for some times have been very tough with a struggle ahead likely for the likes of Saab. Second hand car garages have noticed a stability of sales during the recession with some even doing better than they were just before the recession bit. Tony Parker, who owns a garage in the North West states, ' I have noticed a drop in footfall recently but that was only due to the big freeze! Apart from that the last two years have been pretty solid, that goes for me and others I know in the second hand car game.' The buoyancy of the second hand car market has probably come from the amount of downsizing and restructuring of peoples finances in the social classes A1 - C1, with many middle management workers being made redundant or laid of they have had to consider money saving/making alternatives so selling there 2 year old Mercedes SLK to change for a second hand 8 year old Audi A4. This unfortunately will be the case all over the country with many being forced to look out there outgoings / expenses and any luxuries such as fancy cars will be the first to go, luckily for the second hand car market an alternative vehicle will almost always be needed.

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