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December 5, 2022

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Lost Tesla Key Card? Here’s what to do

Fastest Tesla by Tesla Tesla key cards are an easy-to-carry alternative to using a phone key or a key fob for Tesla users, compatible with Tesla Model S, and X, as well as 3 and Y vehicles, produced earlier. They look  →
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How to Connect Phone to Tesla Model Y

Fastest Tesla How to Connect Phone to Tesla Model Y – Detailed Manual by Тесла You can set up your own personal phone as a “phone key” that interacts with the Model Y via Bluetooth. The phone key allows automatic blocking  →
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Car Detailing

Car Detailing is more than a car cleaning process to make a car look good, but a process to help extending its look with car detailing products that reduce damaging environmental elements such as dirt, sun, harsh winters, etc. Appropriate  →
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used furniture

Buying used furniture in Medina. We buy all used furniture, whether home furnishings, household appliances or even electrical appliances. We take the trouble of dealing with merchants and buy your furniture at the best prices. We move the furniture from  →
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