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May 21, 2024

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 Science and Research
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Non-Surgical Treatments in Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiology (Girişimsel Radyoloji) is a medical specialty that uses minimally invasive procedures (often needle-sized) to diagnose and treat various diseases. Thyroid nodules, varicose veins, varicocele, pelvic congestion, and fibroids can be treated non-surgically using interventional radiology techniques. Thyroid Nodules  →
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PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES IN COMMUNITY PHARMACY: STRUCTURAL, ORGANISATIONAL, AND FUNCTIONAL     Table of Contents 1.   Introduction 1.1 Overview of Community Pharmacy 1.2 Importance of Pharmaceutical Services 1.3 Scope of the Article   2.   Historical Perspective 2.1 Evolution of Community Pharmacy  →
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Amanita muscaria: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Iconic Red Mushroom for Scientific Inquiry

Amanita muscaria, with its brilliant scarlet cap and distinctive white spots, is one of the most iconic and instantly recognizable mushrooms in the world. However, beneath its charming exterior lies a wealth of scientific inquiries waiting to be explored. amanita  →
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Is There No Hope of Doing a Perfect Research

I believe that research is the deliberate looking ahead of something ambiguously known and somewhat comprehended.To that end, it may be referred to as “research,” which is an intensive, concentrated, and condensed effort to investigate a subject to a degree  →
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