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4 Types of Car Open Services Car lockouts can be frustrating but trying to break into your vehicle with improvised tools could result in injury and damage to your vehicle Contact a professional service such as HONK instead to safely get back into your car Locked out of your car happens to the best of us However leaving this task to professionals can alleviate your stress and also lighten your wallet Learn five ways that your locksmith can unlock your car 1 Slim Jim A Slim Jim is a piece of metal that is shaped into a strangelooking strip The slim tool might look like a snack but its only used for one purpose to open locked car doors Locksmiths will slide this thin flexible metal between the window and weatherstripping to open the lock Its important to note that this procedure isnt safe and should only be performed in an emergency This device can damage the cars airbags as well as electrical system if used incorrectly The notch on the Slim Jim allows you to access the control bar on your vehicles door lock It can be pulled down or pulled up depending on the lock type car unlock services permits the locksmith to manipulate the internal locking mechanism of the door of your vehicle without needing to turn the ignition key This method is great for older cars as newer models have cables or electronic connections to operate the locks If you try using the Slim Jim to open a modern lock it can activate or activate the side airbags It is recommended to let an expert locksmith handle the situation You can prepare for an opening ceremony with a Slim Jim by doing a few things Find a long thin tool at your home A metal ruler or a wire hanger are excellent examples Youll require pliers to hold the tool First insert the notched side then push the tool downwards into the cars lock Keep an eye out for any movements Once you see the lock begin to move you can start pulling it upward until the door opens 2 Long Reach Tool This long reach tool is ideal to reach pull handles in recessed tight spaces The tool has a prebent design that allows users to bend it in any direction without exerting too much force The soft coating protects the paint and weather stripping and it folds down for compact storage It also has an additional window wedge for leverage and several features to safeguard your customers vehicle during the unlock process including the rubber tip and paint protector Shielded lock operating cables electronic door locks tight weather strip tolerances and laminated windows are now standard on the majority of vehicles However oldfashioned lock button and lever handles can still be moved when properly wedged into the open position These new longreach tools are an excellent solution to solve the problems of locking mechanisms today The appropriate tools can help you to solve the problem of your customers vehicle lockouts quickly You can reduce time and cost by investing in wedge tools and longreach equipment And when youre working with customers your professional conduct will distinguish you from other service providers who do not utilize the proper tools The more you use the tools the more easy it is to fix locks on all makes and models 3 Broken Key Extractor A key extractor is used to remove a damaged key part from the lock They come in different shapes and sizes but most are small hooks with a sharp edge that is inserted into the lock to look for nudges to hook a lost key part out You can find one in a kit including a lock pick and other essential tools Choose a set with comfortable handles and durable materials Apply a spray lubricant prior using a key extractor This will assist the extractor slide through the lock to locate the broken section It is also beneficial to place the lock cylinder in a locked or unlocked position so that it is easier to retrieve any broken pieces Once youve found the break gently twist and pull the extractor through to get rid of it When youre looking for a replacement for a damaged key extractor make sure you choose a set that includes a lockpick and other essential tools Youll be prepared in the event that your car key is damaged The key extractor must have a small hook or a sharp point that is easy to grasp Its also important to think about its length to ensure that it can fit into the keyhole Get a locksmiths help instead of attempting to fix a broken key on your own They can resolve the issue quickly and without causing more damage to your vehicle Low Rate Locksmith offers a mobile service that is available 24 hours a day Their experts use specialized tools to safely remove your key and offer onsite key duplication for the most complete convenient and costeffective solution 4 Wedge Humans have used wedges for centuries to hunt like spears cut stones and wood to split logs carve rocks as well as hold objects in place A wedge is comprised of two planes that are angled and they meet at the edges It can be used to break solid objects The wedge can also be used in a variety of tools and machines for a variety of purposes such as cutting slicing and keeping objects in place Wedgetype door stops work primarily by changing the direction of the input force which helps keep the door from being pushed open Professional locksmiths use wedges to open a vehicle door or body It is important to know the proper amount of force that should be applied and where to put the wedge to avoid damaging it Applying too much pressure or using the wedge in the wrong spot can break the window or leave splinters and dents in the vehicle door or body The wedge should be placed in the large gap that is created between the car body and the car door This is typically at the top corner of the rear door It is also important to keep in mind that modern vehicles have a lot more give in their doors due to rollover and sideimpact safety standards that went into effect ten years ago This is why an inflatable wedge will be able to separate the frame from the door and allow you to insert the slim jim to open the vehicle without damaging it Be sure to deflate the wedge before trying to remove it or you could accidentally repin the rod in a tighter position and cause further damage This makes the entire process longer since youll need to sit for a while waiting for the wedge to return to its normal state

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