You can open these platforms from your phone or desktop to view a movie anytime you like. With movie apps such as the ones listed above, there is plenty of content available to grab your attention. But even these apps have limitations. OTT platforms cannot have unlimited movie categories despite having massive libraries. You won’t likely find the movie that you are looking for in their list. It’s important that you expand your search options and switch to another movie app immediately to find your favorite movies.

The distribution rights and media properties of the parent company determine which movies can be streamed on a streaming service. This is the same reason that live TV streaming services must deal with cable channel owners in order to obtain broadcast rights. Service providers that have access to large amounts of content or the financial resources to obtain streaming rights have an advantage. Others have a more specific focus. Criterion Channel is a channel that focuses on foreign and classic movies. Filmatique, Mubi, and maintain a rotating collection of independent films and documentary. Angelika Anywhere lets you rent or purchase streaming movies that have been selected by the chain of art houses.

The list of top movie streaming apps in 2022 is available here

1. Crackle

There are downsides to this free service. You may be subject to annoying ads while watching movies. There are no DVR storage options, just like other streaming services. You can’t save your favorite content for offline viewing or saving to your computer for later use.

Many streaming services are available for free, including Crackle and Kanopy. Crackle is a standout among the rest with its extensive library and original content. Crackle is the perfect choice for anyone looking to learn more about VOD streaming services or cutting cords.

2. Netflix

Netflix offers full seasons of TV shows, which isn’t always the case for competitors. Hulu may only have the latest episodes of a show. If you are not up to speed, it is impossible to catch up. Netflix, on the other hand, adds only one season to a show.

Netflix is a specialist in blockbuster documentaries featuring household names that have received numerous award nominations. There are many documentaries that go behind the scenes, from Miss Americana: Taylor Swift to Becoming about Michelle Obama to Grammy-winning Beyonce’s Homecoming.

3. Disney+

We’re impressed with Disney Plus’ growth after almost a year. However, it still needs top-tier originals for adult audiences. The basic movie selection is solid as well as the 4K-ready content. The long-term success of Disney Plus will depend on how many more movies and TV shows are added to the service.

The dynamic banner links to the movies and shows of five major Disney brands. The top row features featured content like The Mandalorian and The Simpsons. Below the brand, banners are the Originals section, which highlights exclusive content from the service. A familiar-looking Recommended Row can be found below.

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4. Cinema HD apk

Cinema HD is a great app for streaming movies and tv shows. It has a great interface and is very user-friendly. The app is also constantly updated with the latest movies and tv shows. Cinema HD is a great app for streaming movies and tv shows. It has a great interface and is very user-friendly. The app is also constantly updated with the latest movies and tv shows. cinema hd apk is s a great app for streaming movies and tv shows. It has a great interface and is very user-friendly. The app is also constantly updated with the latest movies and tv shows.

Cinema HD is a great app for streaming movies and tv shows. It has a great interface and is very user-friendly. The app is also constantly updated with the latest movies and tv shows.

5. Red box

Redbox’s platform support for Redbox is good but could be improved, especially for Live TV. Live TV is currently not available on Android TV or Samsung devices. On-demand content is still available on both platforms. Redbox’s On-Demand segment is a great way to watch TV and movies. Although it’s not an impressive design feat, the navigation is simple. It is easy to determine if the movie you are looking for is available.

6. Hulu

Hulu + Live TV’s channel list should appeal to most people. It offers a wide range of content in news, entertainment, and sports categories. News channels include ABC News and CBS News, CNBC News, CNN International, Fox Business, and Fox News.

Hulu’s lineup includes NBC-owned RSNs. However, it does not include most AT&T-owned RSNs (except SportsNet NY) or all Sinclair-owned Bally Sports RSNs. (previously these were FOX Sports RSNs). DirecTV Stream, the only live TV service that we have reviewed, includes RSNs from AT&T and NBC. However, it does not include a few RSNs of NBC Sports.

7. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an “over the top” (OTT) service. This means that it’s available over the internet (like Netflix) and not through leased lines. It also offers an advertiser-supported video-on-demand (or AVOD) service. It’s in the same category as streaming services such as Crackle, Tubi, and Sling Free.

The sections of Pluto TV channels can be divided into Featured and Entertainment as well as Movies, Sports, Comedy or Kids. Although there are MTV versions, most channels on Pluto TV don’t look like what you would find on a standard satellite or cable package.

8. Sling TV

The streaming service has two basic packages available: Sling Orange and Sling Blue. The Orange and Blue options cost $35 each month. A Blue + Orange package costs $50 per month. Each base package comes with its own specialty so that you can choose whether or not you are interested in news, entertainment, family, and sports programming.

Sling TV’s interface is different from what you would expect from live TV. It uses a tile system that looks more like an on-demand streaming service. This interface is great for streaming pros, as it makes it easy to find your favorite content. Even if you are new to cord-cutting, you will quickly adapt to its unique design.

9. Peacock

Peacock’s extensive library of free content is attractive. NBC has also promised to limit commercials at a maximum of five minutes per broadcast. Peacock Premium is not as valuable as streaming services like Netflix or Hulu and there are significant gaps in NBCUniversal’s catalog.

Peacock has hundreds of Universal Pictures movies. However, many of the studios’ recent releases are missing due to previous deals with HBO or FX. Several important Universal franchises, such as “Fast & Furious”, are available on HBO Max. It’s not clear how long it will take for them to hit Peacock.

10. Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus supports 4K streaming and HDR streaming. This is a big advantage over Netflix which waits until you watch an episode before showing you. You will need an HDR-compatible HDR TV to access the premium visual standards.

We found streaming to be smooth on our home Wi-Fi. There were no issues with frame rate or fast buffering. However, this may vary depending on your internet connection. Apple TV’s streaming service seems a little like an afterthought in a market that is already full of competitors.

Final thoughts: The Best Movie Apps to Stream Movies In 2022

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