Electric scooter laws in Europe 

In this article, we will go into detail about the legal speed limit of electric scooters in different European countries. Several electric scooter models available in Ireland market can go as fast as 60km/hour sometimes 40/50km/hour while other models from popular brands like Xiaomi and Segway have a 25km/hour speed limit. 

Let us understand how fast these electric scooters are allowed to go in different European countries 


As of June 2022, Government is yet to pass a law making electric scooters legal on Irish roads. Proposed legislation agreed by the government puts a limit to how fast electric scooters can go on Irish roads. The Proposed speed limit in Ireland is 25km/hr / 15.5 miles/hour. Local authorities will have the power to limit the speed to 20km/hour / 12miles/ hour for certain roads or sections of road.


Germany allowed legal use of electric scooters since June 2019. In Germany, electric scooter users can ride a max of 20 km/hour.

Insurance is also mandatory and the same should be visible on scooters.

Norway and Sweden

Normay & Sweden both countries have kept a 20km/ hour modest speed limit for electric scooter users. We can expect similar restrictions in some parts of Ireland as well. 


Electric scooters are very popular here and the government recently increased the speed limit to 25km/hour. 


Electric scooter law in Spain allows local city administrations to recommend their speed limits. There are cities where max speed is limited to 20km/hour and there are several where 25 km/hour is allowed. 


Electric scooter law for Austria mentioned both the max speed of electric scooter as well as power output. So if you are in Austria, you can legally own a scooter with a max motor output of 600W and 25km/hour as the maximum speed limit. Like most EU countries law has a provision for a fine if a user is found riding any faster than the legal limit. 


Denmark is running trials in specific cities. 

Denmark has recognized them in law, but on trial legislation that lasts for one year. So, there’s a trial scheme that legalizes electric scooters in Denmark.

The Speed limit is again a safe 20km/hour and the law mentions that only one person can ride a scooter at any given time. Two riders cannot use the electric scooter as per law. In our own experience, we found it very unsafe for more than 1 user to ride a scooter. 


Again one of the countries where law explains maximum motor power output as well as the speed limit. Electric scooters with no more than 1000W motor and a top speed of 25km/ hour are allowed on Finland roads.


If you are wondering if electric scooters are legal in France, the answer is yes!

Again Paris has a speed limit of 20km/h and other cities have a 25km/h speed limit. 


Coming back to electric scooters available in Ireland. Several models can go faster than 25km/hr. It is not uncommon to come across a scooter which can go 50/60km/hr fast. These models will soon not only be illegal in Ireland but in our experience, such fast scooters are dangerous to the rider as well as other road users. 

Popular electric scooter brands like Xiaomi and Segway produce models with a speed limit of 25km/hr and some models have 20km/hour as a max speed. 

Several models from Xiaomi and likewise Segway are capable to go faster and some users install 3rd party firmware to remove speed limits. The https://kingranks.com/ Speed limit is restricted by the manufacturer so that these scooters are safe and abide by legal limits. Removing speed limits by 3rd party software means a user cannot ever claim a warranty on these devices. Therefore its never recommend to modify your electric scooters in any way to make them go any faster than the legal limit or manufacturer specifications. 

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