A shower enclosure is a great addition to any luxurious bathroom remodel and can add both beauty and functionality. There is an increasing trend of installing a shower enclosure in the UK in many bathrooms. However, you must choose them in according to your bathroom layout, design, and size. Choosing an enclosure for your standard-size bathroom may be straightforward, but if you are limited on space, then you may need to carefully review your options. It is because a slight mistake in choosing a size or style may ruin the aesthetics and functionality of the complete bathroom. In this article, we’ll share advice on what to look for in a shower enclosure and what you can do to make sure your new small enclosure is stylish, functional, and beautiful.

Your Shower Enclosure Options for Small Bathroom. 

Having a small space does not mean you should sacrifice the aesthetics and functionality. There are plenty of shower options available that will give your bathroom a striking look. The best recommendation for a small bathroom space is a space-saving design. Many people will opt for a shower over a bath option. However, it may be your option if you have a limited budget and don’t want to get rid of a bathtub.  

Experts recommend removing a bathtub from a small space as it will help make more space available that you can use in a better way. A small bathroom may also need an airier and more open feel. And that is possible with a walk-in shower enclosure. Alternatively, you may choose a space saving design like a quadrant shower enclosure. It is because it can fit into the bathroom corners and use relatively less space. 

How Small a Shower Enclosure Be?

For shower enclosures, there is an endless possibility. The most important thing while choosing them is the size. The smallest possible size for showers in the UK is 700mmx 700mm. However, you may find a cubicle 650mm in a few places. Which is too small to have a comfortable shower experience? While there is always a possibility of custom-made showers designed exactly according to your requirements, experts rarely recommend them because of the higher costs of installation. So, you should be ready for at least this space for a small enclosure. 

Tips on Making Most Out of Your Small Shower Enclosure.

Here are a few tips that will help make the best use of your small shower cubicle. 

Final Thoughts. 

There are many small shower enclosure options available in the market. You can choose any style to help you with a space as well. Experts recommend a walk-in enclosure or quadrant enclosure as the most space-saving option. The most appropriate size for such spaces can be 700mm or 800mm in width. Besides that, you will also need a space-saving shower door that can be a sliding door. Our tips from the last section will help get the most out of enclosure choice.