Are you searching for long pillow for bed? Then you should order online #1 Rated Full Body Pillow by Sleepsia for comfortable sleep. This long pillow is the most ultimate decision for individuals who require more support while they taking sleep — for instance, pregnant ladies or the people who need additional hip, knee and neck support. You can move and press the shredded memory foam fill to alter the help better compared to in different cushions.

About Long Pillow for Bed

  • SOFT MEMORY FOAM – Sleepsia’s long body pillows for resting utilize shredded memory foam to keep you upheld, regardless of what side you rest on. It adjusts to your body shape, advancing arrangement for your legs, back, and hips.
  • Certi-PUR CERTIFIED body pillow – Rest simple realizing this full body pillow is put under severe outsider lab testing and is Certi-PUR US Certified to guarantee security, quality, and comfortability.
  • Bone and joint specialist DESIGNED Sleep tight and dissolve the pressure away with a long pillow that has been created by a bone and joint specialist for body pain free sleeping night.
  • KOOL-FLOW TECH – This cooling long body pillow for bed isn’t all discussion! The texture on its rich, extra-breathable cover will keep you cool on even the most sizzling evenings.
  • USA MADE – Get the help you want, without the culpability. Our best long pillows for resting are really tough, worked for everybody, and the best part is that made in the USA!

Long Pillow Description

Upgraded Comfort: Lightweight, shredded memory foam filling furnishes you with the ideal equilibrium of immovability, and backing.

Strong Cooling Technology: Our exclusive cooling Kool-Flow bamboo cover permits air to go through the pad to keep you cool and sans sweat the entire evening.

Full Body Support: Long Body cushion adjusts to your back, hips, knees, legs, and feet for enduring solace and support you can feel when you awaken.

Low-VOC Emissions: This long pillow for bed is Certified. So you and your family don’t need to stress over openness to air contaminations or lessening indoor air quality.

Why you need this long body pillow

Long Pillow

Further develops Body Alignment

While cuddling a body cushion, your body uniformly conveys its weight which helps support arrangement of your spine and ease inconvenience.

Pressure and Body Pain Relief

Body pillows give pressure help by offering support that eliminates tension from your arms, hips, knees and spine.

Eases Restless Sleeping

Our long pillow adjusts to your body shape. And form, assisting with keeping you in an comfortable sleeping position. And provides you with a soothing night of rest without thrashing around.

Solace During Pregnancy

The extra weight from pregnancy can cause a throbbing painfulness all around the body. The best full body pillow will offer help and solace to these parts and advance better rest.


Side-sleepers might find it agreeable to cuddle a body pillow and long pillow for bed. Diminishing tension on the base shoulder and arm. It can likewise be agreeable to fold the cushion between the knees, keeping the pelvis from shifting forward or in reverse.

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