If not correctly understood, muscle growth cannot be that simple. In addition to working out at the gym and lifting weights, a solid nutrition plan is necessary if you want to succeed. Let’s talk about the need for more calories.

In general, 2000 calories per day are needed to sustain excellent health. But, depending on your age and gender, this could change. Yet for bodybuilders, 2000 calories is absolutely insufficient. More energy is needed to build one pound of muscle than to burn one pound of fat. Hence, if you want to gain muscle, you need to eat a lot of calories.

There are two categories of gym-goers. Some might want to reduce their body fat while others would aim to increase their muscular mass. Although a low-calorie diet may be suitable for those seeking to reduce fat, it may not be suitable for those seeking to develop large muscles. Combining the two ways can result in failure. Building muscle or losing fat are both achievable, but doing both is actually not doable. Nevertheless, if more calories meet the energy needed to create muscle, you may be able to make the magic formula work. Sure, you can have developing muscles without gaining more stomach fat.

Effects may be hazardous if you don’t eat enough calories. Microscopic damage from lifting weights in the gym would be repaired by new muscles that would develop as a result of eating too many calories. You risk worsening your injuries if you follow a high-calorie diet. For more details cardarine canada