You’ll need an electrician for electrical wiring and repairs, just as for any other technical work around the home. Without certain tools, electricians cannot efficiently carry out their tasks. The following are some of the most crucial items that should always be included in an electrician’s toolbox:

Duct tape

This tool is useful when pulling a solid or stranded wire through PVC or metal conduit. To help electricians pull wires through pipes, there is cable lubricant. Since fish tape is cheap, there is no reason for the electrical expert not to have it.


It may seem strange, but hammers are also necessary for electricians. They fasten boxes with nail-on brackets to studs in houses using a hammer. It is crucial to choose a solid, sturdy hammer that will do the task flawlessly and prevent harm.

Measurement tape

One of the most crucial pieces of equipment that an electrician should have on hand is this one. It will be used by the expert to gauge switch and outlet heights. Additionally, it helps centre the boxes of lighting fixtures in houses. Additionally, this instrument is not too pricey.

wire cutters

In order to solve the issue, an electrical professional may sometimes need to cut through the insulation of electrical lines. Because the wire could be live, amateur electricians will often accomplish this with their teeth, which is quite risky. Wire strippers are used by experts to remove the insulation. These tools have several cutting teeth to accommodate wires of various sizes. They also include a cutoff section for cutting the wire.

Electrode detector

Safety is an essential component of the job that any electrical specialist does. He or she must adhere to all electrical safety regulations. Before taking any further action, the expert may rapidly determine with the assistance of the voltage detector if there is a current or voltage flow existing in an electrical socket or wire. While some detectors activate automatically, others need a switch. Other people use your thumb as a switch, but they don’t hurt you.


A screwdriver is required by the electrical professional to secure switches and sockets to the wall and to unfasten them for repair and replacement. Screwdrivers come in a variety of styles. The finest ones are the ones that let you use various blades to open various kinds of screws. The screwdriver should also have a decent handle for the task to be completed more quickly and easily.