Nowadays, having a website is essentially required. If you own a business and don’t have a website, you are losing out on a tremendous opportunity to expand your company and keep your present clients satisfied and informed of what’s going on. However, if you are like the majority of people, the idea of creating a website on your own gives you the willies, and you may not have the money to employ a pricey web designer.

One method to rapidly get a website up is to make use of an online website builder. You may create a bespoke website without any HTML knowledge or spend thousands of dollars on a web designer by using an online website builder. In addition, updating your website yourself is simple and saves you from having to ask someone else to do it when you need a change made.

Today, there are numerous free website builders accessible online, but many of them are not what they seem to be. Nothing in life is actually free, as I’m sure you are aware, and if you decide to utilise a free website builder online, you could come to regret your decision. Before you decide to make your own website with a free online website builder, keep these three things in mind.

1. Ensure that your files are not lost.

Until you read the small print, many free website builders on the internet seem like a terrific choice. You will often need to use their web hosting in order to use a free online website builder. Furthermore, they won’t let you take your data with you if you decide in the future to transfer your site and modify the way you operate. This locks you in and makes it difficult to quit without losing all the effort you have put into your site since the files are often programmed so they will only operate with their hosting. Before registering with a free online website builder, be careful to read all of the small print to avoid losing your data.

2. Check to see if you can avoid showing ads.

Many free website builders on the internet monetize by placing their adverts on your website. There are additional reasons why this should bother you, even if it doesn’t matter to you in terms of aesthetics. First of all, the advertisements that are shown on your website sometimes obtrude and include invasive elements like pop-ups or pop-unders. These kinds of advertisements often cause users to leave your website and annoy them. Driving away your clients is the last thing you want to do! Second, even if the advertisements are not bothersome, you still run the danger of losing visitors if they click on one of the ads, which is of no use to you. Before registering, do some research on the free website builder to make sure you won’t be obliged to display their advertising on your website.

3. Ensure that you can be found by search engines.

Even while free website builders may be simple for you to use, they often contain issues that you are unable to detect. The code produced by many free website builders online is incomprehensible to search engines. The search engines won’t be able to discover your website as a result, and they won’t feature it in their index. People won’t be able to locate you if they don’t know your website’s address or if the search engines haven’t yet indexed it. Since you can’t often view the code that is generated for your page when using a free online website builder, this is a serious issue that is easy to ignore.

When you look closely, free website builders may seem to be a fantastic idea at first, but they may end up costing you a lot in terms of wasted time and clients. Even if you have an extremely tight budget, it is usually a wiser decision to pick a low-cost monthly alternative over a free online website builder. You benefit by having more control over your files and not having to show ads from third parties on your website, which could lead to fewer visitors and less money. You also benefit from being more visible to search engines, which will greatly increase the number of people who visit your website.