Trust Factor has come a long way from 2017 when it was launched, and till date, it’s being changed time to time and harder to improve. In simple words, the trust factor is one of the integral tool which is used by Valve to make a great matchmaking experience, by separating the good players and bad player, by bad players we mean toxic, cheaters etc. Which also has been a very thing for many people but every rule has it’s exception and there are innocent players which gets hurt in the process and some bad players take advantage of it.

Trust factor has been distinguish between three colors Green, Yellow and Red.

Green: The best trust factor is represented by Green color.

Yellow: This color represent the medium trust factor in CSGO.

Red: This is sign of bad trust factor.

In Simple terms, if you have a bad trust factor then you will que against cheaters and it means no fun for you, if you are don’t cheat in game.

How one can determine his/her trust factor.

There is no exact method to determine the trust factor but there is a method which can help you determine trust factor through following these steps.

1) Open your CSGO game and invite your friends in lobby.

2) Ask your friends, to watch for lobby chat.

3) After inviting your friends to lobby click on go button to find a match and ask your friends, to watch for lobby chat.

4) As soon as you click on the go button, your friends may or may not see a message in lobby chat

  • If there is no message, then your trust factor is of same level as your friends (Mostly it means Green Trust factor )
  • If there is a message in Yellow, it means your trust factor is medium and needs to be improved.
  • If there is a red message, then you have a very bad trust factor

Now, if you have determine your trust factor, and if you have a yellow or red trust factor, you must be searching for a cure but worry not we have exactly what you wanted.

There are numerous factor which affects your trust factor and Valve has been added them from time to time without revealing them in public. If you want to find all of the factors, one must think from the minds of Valve developers, what factors would you include while determining the trust factor for a player if you were a valve developer. We gave a lot of thought and did some experiment to find the best factors which really affects the trust factor.

How to Improve Trust factor in Csgo

We are going to be straightforward and keep it simple

Trust factor evaluates only that if you are a positive member of the game and steam. Considering that we have came up with a list which truly helps improving your trust factor.

1) CSGO commends: Whenever you play in CSGO, there is a option for other players to commend you if you are being a good player, there are three options for commendations in game




One can ask for these from other player whenever you are playing game or just be a good player and appreciate others efforts or one can buy these from various websites listed on the web.

2) Steam profile Comments: Being a positive player meaning people love to play with you and one of the way to see that through person steam profile and comments on their profile. One can ask for these comments from their friends or you can buy these too from web too.

3) Csgo hours: The number of hours you’ve given in game is one of simple and common factor used by valve as it shows the number of hours you were active. People do achieve that by just keeping their game open all night, while they go to sleep or use csgo hour booster bot.

4) Steam Authenticator: By adding a phone number and enabling steam authenticator shows that you care about your account and it reflects straightly to your trust factor. So you must add a phone number to your steam account or if you do not have a number you buy a steam phone verification service and then enable the steam authenticator

5) Reports: One must be humble and a good sport while playing as if you are being toxic or abusive towards other players, then they will report you and in the end it will hurt your trust factor.

6) Overwatch Investigator: Be a participant in overwatch investigation, the more you are committed, the more correct your verdict will be and if you are correct then you will get some xp and a boost in your trust factor too.

7) Play other games other than Csgo: You must play some other games too as player who owns and play multiple games on steam, mostly never faced trust factor problems.

8) Invest into your account: Valve created trust factor and of the factors is that “ If you care about your steam account or not” and if you do there is no way you get a bad trust factor and one simple neat trick to show that is just buy stuff (skins) and games on your steam account. You can also add some free games to your account.

9) Make your steam profile complete: By completing we mean, choosing a background, making artwork, taking screenshot in game.

10) Service Medal: Getting a service medal in game, shows that you have earned a achievement for the current year in csgo and thus improve your chances of green trust factor.

Making these changes will definitely boost your factor, and it will take some time and it won’t happen overnight, I’ve seen people making changes according to these factors and result come in after a week or so. Just trust in yourself and keep playing csgo till the end of world.

And if you are new to csgo then our advise will be to buy a pre made csgo account with green trust factor guarantee as it takes a lot of time to build a green trust factor account.